Everything You Have to Ask Yourself When Buying A Gel Blaster

If you want to buy a gel blaster, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll be running through the many things you should think about before making your purchase.

Are The Toys Used?

One of the most important things you have to do is find out if the person is selling used gel blasters or not. You may be tempted to buy one used, but this is a horrible thing to do. If you are buying the blaster second hand, you need to make sure that you’re getting it from a trusted seller, preferably a dealer.

If you’re wondering why this is, it’s simple. The blasters shoot out gel discs. This isn’t dangerous, but the person you bought the toy from could’ve meddled with its barrel, making the gel discs shoot faster. This is dangerous as you could end up injuring yourself as you weren’t anticipating how fast the bullets would fly out.

Is It From A Verified Seller?

Not only should you get the toys new, you should ensure that you’re getting the blasters from someone who sells genuine ones. So, the products should be bought from an authorized seller as otherwise, you could buy a fake.

Similar to the above point, this is dangerous as the counterfeit may have been made different from the original, making bullets shoot out really fast.

Thankfully, there are enough and more verified sellers for you to choose from, so this won’t be an issue. In fact, if you want to gel ball blasters Australia has a lot of sellers.

Can You Ship To Your Country?

At the end of the day, gel blasters are toys. Anyone who knows a thing about them is aware of this. Unfortunately, if you’re not such a person, you may think that the blasters are real guns. This is especially the case for the people at customs.

If you get the blasters shipped from abroad, you’ll have to deal with this issue. Although some custom officers may be aware that they’re not real guns, this could not take place. So, your best bet would be to purchase them domestically. Depending on where you live, this could be an issue as there may not be that many sellers.  

Get the Right Model

Gel blasters come in a range of models. Each model shoots the discs differently, which is why you need to know which is most suited for you. If you get a gel blaster that’s in the form of an assault riffle, you’ll be shooting bullets at an incredible speed. It’ll release much faster than other blasters, so you could end up injuring yourself.


You need proper gear when using the blasters. No, you won’t need a full body suit, but you’ll need something to protect your eyes. This should be a priority so look for the best eye gear you can get your hands on. Thankfully, stores that sell the guns also sell this.

As you see, a multitude of things should be known before the blasters are bought. So, what will you be keeping in mind?